Múm: The Peel Session

Múm has released two remarkable albums (Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today is OK and Finally We Are No One) and one considerably less remarkable (Summer Make Good), so much less so, in fact, one might judge it rather soggy by comparison. So there's a fair amount riding on the group's upcoming album, currently being readied for a spring 2007 release. Clearly a stopgap designed to tide fans over until then, Múm's The Peel Session resurrects four songs, three from the debut and one from the second. The early focus is understandable, given that the session went down at the Maida Vale 4 Studio in September 2002. On the one hand, the release is largely superfluous for those already in possession of the full-lengths. Yet having said that, there's also no disputing how wonderful the material sounds, with the group digging in to “Awoke on a Train” in particular with passion. The palpably aggressive live attack doesn't hurt either.

December 2006