Myers Briggs: Infp EP
Sentient Sound

INFP presents a finely-crafted trio of sleek, Detroit-styled minimalism by Arthur Oskan under the Myers Briggs alias. The Torontonian brings more than a decade of experience (including releases on imprints like Restructured, Secret Weapon, Cratesavers, and Third Ear) to this first official outing as Briggs and it shows. Like waves repeatedly crashing, blinding synth chords swell to towering proportions throughout the almost ten-minute “Forever” while a nimble techno pulse of rolling bass lines and clicking patterns propels the piece ever-forward. The gleaming chords build into such a monstrously intensive rattle, they not only drown the beats but threaten to shatter the track into a million pieces. The other cuts are a little less epic yet maintain the high quality level: elements of electro, dub, and techno weave through the multi-layers of spindles and splashes Oskan assembles in “Special Finish,” and chunky chords scuttle over a shuffling swing in “Terminal,” setting the stage for a beatific string theme to eventually deepen its melancholic vibe.

May 2007