14KT: Nickel & Dimed
52 Commercial Road: Communion
56K: Generations Lost
James F!@#$%^ Friedman: Go Commando
Fabric: A Sort of Radiance
Faction: The End of Tel Aviv
Fade: Collaboration LP
Faded Ranger: Mechanical Tonight
Marina Fages: Dibujo de Rayo
Shane Fahey: The Slated Pines
Michael Fahres: The Tubes
Luke Fair: Balance 011
Michael Fakesch: Dos
Len Faki: Berghain 03
Fällt: invalidObject
False: 2007
False: River Camping
Nic Fanciulli: Balance 021
Fancy Mike: Madison Square Gardner
Fancy Mike: Sigma Chi Primavera
Forrest Fang: Animism
Forrest Fang: Letters to the Farthest Star
Forrest Fang: Phantoms
Forrest Fang: The Sleepwalker's Ocean
Forrest Fang's Sans Serif: Unbound
Fantoom: Sluimer
Farben: Textstar
Farben & James DIN A4: Farben presents James DIN A4
FareWell Poetry: Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite
Thea Farhadian: Tectonic Shifts
Mark Farina: Sessions
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra: Disco Supreme / Keep Believing (Al Kent Edits)
Farthest South: Omens & Talismans
Farthest South: Spheres & Constellations
Father You See Queen: 47
Fat Jon & Styrofoam: The Same Channel
Faures: Continental Drift
Fausten: Fausten
Lewis Fautzi: The Gare Album
Faux Pas: Entropy Begins At Home
Faux Pas: Faux Feels
Fax: Collaborations & Remixes
Fax: Bilateral
Fax: Primario
Fax: Yo Recuerdo
Fazio: All At Once The Remote Go Forth My Soul And My Seeking, The Unknowable ...
Fazio: Élégie
Fazio: Interiors
Fear Falls Burning: The Carnival of Ourselves
Fear Falls Burning: Dead of Night
Fear Falls Burning: Disorder Of Roots
Fear Falls Burning: First by a Whisper, Then by a Storm
Fear Falls Burning: Frenzy of the Absolute
Fear Falls Burning: i'm one of those monsters numb with grace
Fear Falls Burning: The Rainbow Mirrors a Burning Heart
Fear Falls Burning: When Mystery Pervades the Well, the Promise Sets Fire
Fear Falls Burning: Woes of the Desolate Mourner
Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel: s/t
Fear Falls Burning & Nadja: Fear Falls Burning & Nadja
Feathers: Absolute Noon
Feathers: Synchromy
Fedaden: Broader
Fedaden: Verdad
Kit Wilmans Fegradoe: Issa
Thomas Fehlmann: Lowflow
Benjamin Fehr: Before We Crawl
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen: The Opiates Revised
Lugano Fell: Slice Repair
Mark Fell: Attack On Silence
Fe-mail: Blixter Toad
Marcel Fengler: Berghain 05
Marcel Fengler: Fokus
Fenin: Black and White
Christian Fennesz: AUN: The Beginning and the End of All Things
Fennesz: Black Sea
Fennesz: Live in Japan
Fennesz: Seven Stars
Fennesz: Venice
Fennesz + Sakamoto: Flumina
Fenn O'Berg: The Return of Fenn O'Berg
Domenico Ferrari vs. Luomo: The Kick
Andrea Ferraris & Matteo Uggeri: Autumn is Coming, We're All in Slow Motion
Ernesto Ferreyra: El Paraíso De Las Tortugas
Fescal: The Descending Light EP
Fescal: Two Winter Poems
Fessenden: v1.1
Feu Follet: Paradis Paysan
Feu Thérèse: Ça Va Cogner
Feu Thérèse: Feu Thérèse
Seren Ffordd: Arhythmia
Seren Ffordd: Stellar Nurseries
Seren Ffordd & Oophoi: The Martian Chronicles
Fibla: Liants
fibreforms: Treedrums
Tolga Fidan: Berg EP
Brad Fiedel: The Terminator (Original Music)
The Field: From Here We Go Sublime
The Field: Looping State of Mind
The Field: Yesterday and Today
Fieldhead: They Shook Hands For Hours
Fieldhead: We've All Been Swimming
Field Rotation: Acoustic Tales
Field Rotation: Fatalist: The Repetition Of History
Field Rotation: And Tomorrow I Will Sleep
Fields: Colours / On Your Own
The Fields of Hay: Songs for Nine Ladies
Fields Awake: Fields Awake
Fifths of Seven: Spry from Bitter Anise Folds
Fighting Lion: A Convenient Place
Renato Figoli: Viva viva l'olio d'oliva
James Figurine: Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake
Figurines: Hey Girl EP
Figurines: When The Deer Wore Blue
Fiji: Peering Into the Darkness
FilFla: Fliptap
Film in Music: Tell Tale
Filterwolf: Futura EP
Filterwolf: Nocturne
Filterwolf: Viva La Rave
Final Cut: Ballade de bruits
Finesse: Elevate
Benjamin Finger: The Bet
Benjamin Finger: For You, Sleepsleeper
Benjamin Finger: Listen To My Nerves Hum
Benjamin Finger: Motion Reverse
Benjamin Finger: Woods of Broccoli
Fink: Distance and Time
Fink: Horizontalism
Fink: This is the Thing
Michael Jon Fink: From a Folio
Michael Jon Fink: A Temperament for Angels
Finland: Rainy Omen
Jonathan Finlayson & Sicilian Defense: Moving Still
Michael Finnissy & Michael Norsworthy: WAM
Paul Fiocco: Torsions and Drifts
Francesco Di Fiore: Pianosequenza
Firekites: The Bowery
FiRES WERE SHOT: awakened by a lonely feud
FiRES WERE SHOT: Pieces of the White Sun
Firewire: A Tribute to the Manzini
Marcus Fischer: Collected Dust
Marcus Fischer: The Crow
Marcus Fischer: Monocoastal
Marcus Fischer and The OO-Ray: Tessellations
Fischerle: The Big Sleep
Fisk Industries: 77 And Rising
Fisk Industries: EPs and Rarities
Fisk Industries: The Isle of Wight
Alan Fitzpatrick: Shadows in the Dark
Five Deez: Kommunicator
Terence Fixmer: Depth Charged
Marcus Fjellström: Exercises in Estrangement
Marcus Fjellström: Gebrauchsmusik
Marcus Fjellström: Library Music 1
Fjordne: Charles Rendition
Fjordne: The Last 3 Days of Time
Fjordne: Moonlit Invocations
Fjordne: The Setting Sun
Fjordne: Unmoving
Fjordne & Stabilo: Andrew
Tom Flaherty: Looking for Answers
Flanger: Spirituals
Flashbulb: Flexing Habitual
Flashbulb: Réunion
Flashbulb: Soundtrack to a Vacant Life
Flavius E: Indicios
B. Fleischmann: Angst Is Not A Weltanschauung
B. Fleischmann: The Humbucking Coil
B. Fleischmann: Welcome Tourist
Ben Fleury-Steiner: Clearings
Ben Fleury-Steiner: Drifts
Ben Fleury-Steiner: The Places That Find You
Flica: Nocturnal
Flica: Telepathy Dreams
Flica: Weekendary
Flica: Windvane & Window
Flint Glass: Circumsounds
Floex: Gone
Floex: Samorost 3 Soundtrack
Floorplan: Paradise
Floratone: Floratone
Florent: G-Net EP
Floriana vs. Màcro: Heleylah Sunset
Flowers for Bodysnatchers: Aokigahara
Flowers for Bodysnatchers: Love Like Blood
Flowers and Sea Creatures: A.M.
Flowers and Sea Creatures: Head First Then Heart EP
Flowers and Sea Creatures: Test Pressing EP
Flug 8: Trans Atlantik
Roman Flügel: Fatty Folders
Roman Flügel: Happiness Is Happening
Roman Flügel: Live at Robert Johnson Vol. 5
Fluorescent Grey: Gaseous Opal Orbs
Fluorescent Grey: Lying on the floor mingling with god in a Tijuana motel room...
Fluorescent Heights: Tidal Motions
Flying Horseman: Wild Eyes
Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma
Flying Lotus: Los Angeles
Fly Pan Am: N'Ecoutez Pas
FM3: Buddha Machine
FM3: Buddha Machine III - Chan Fang
Focal: Polarity
Fogh Depot: Fogh Depot
Folias Duo: Dreaming to Live
Folie: Eyepennies
Fond of Tigers: Continent & Western
Fond of Tigers: A Thing To Live With
Fond Of Tigers: Release the Saviours
Bjørn Fongaard: Galaxe
Fonoda: Eventually
Fonogram: Fonogram
Food: Last Supper
Footprintz: Escape Yourself
For Barry Ray: New Days
Force of Nature: III
Forma: Physicalist
Luca Forcucci: Fog Horns
Ford:Proco: Diagrama Percutor
The Foreign Exchange: Authenticity
The Foreign Exchange: Dear Friends: An Evening with The Foreign Exchange
The Foreign Exchange: Leave It All Behind
The Foreign Exchange: Love In Flying Colors
The Foreign Exchange: Tales From the Land of Milk and Honey
Forestflies: Structure/Chaos
Forest Management: Doux
Forest Swords: Dagger Paths
Forever Delayed: Forever Delayed
Forma: Off / On
Luca Formentini: Tacet
Formication: Agnosia
Formication: Ghosts (Omnia Exeunt in Mysterium)
Formication: Icons for a New Religion
Formication: Redux
Formication: The Untitled Wasdale Recordings
Forrest: Summer Sounds Asleep
Sara Forslund, Lárus Sigurðsson & David Åhlén: Poems of Despair
Fos: Rock
Kyle Fosburgh: The Season of Remembrance
Foscil: Foscil
Johan Fotmeijer: Critters
4 Bonjour's Parties: Pigments Drift Down To The Brook
Fourcolor: Air Curtain
Fourcolor: As Pleat
Four313: Four313 EP
Four Hands: Home EP
FOURM / Shinkei / Luigi Turra: Clean Forms
Four Tet: A Joy
Four Tet: DJ-Kicks
Four Tet: Everything Ecstatic
Four Tet: Remixes
Four Tet: There Is Love In You
Fovea Hex: I:I:XII Hail Hope
Fovea Hex: Allure
Fovea Hex: Bloom
Fovea Hex: Here Is Where We Used To Sing
Fovea Hex: Huge
Fovea Hex: The Salt Garden II
Jim Fox: Black Water
Jim Fox: Descansos, Past
Jim Fox: The City the Wind Swept Away
John Foxx & Harold Budd: Translucence/Drift Music
Robin Fox and Clayton Thomas: Substation
Foxhole: Push/Pull
Fractals: Forward in Time EP
Fraction: Superstition
Fracture: Loving Touch EP
Les Fragments de la Nuit: Demain, c'était Hier
Les Fragments de la Nuit: Musique De Nuit
Nils Frahm: The Bells
Nils Frahm: Felt
Nils Frahm: Spaces
Nils Frahm: Wintermusik
Alejandro Franov: Champaqui
Alejandro Franov: Melodia
Alejandro Franov: Rio
Alejandro Franov: Solo Piano
Alejandro Franov: Suspendido en el Aire
Dominic Frasca: Deviations
Fredda: L'ancolie
Free Babyronia: Matrix Grooves
Freedarich & Stiggsen: Jibbie
The Free Design: The Now Sound Redesigned
Freeform: Outside In
Daniel Thomas Freeman: The Beauty Of Doubting Yourself
Freescha: Freeschaland
Fre4knc / Es.Tereo & Marlyn / Nuage: Marching Cube / This Is Where It All Ends / Eversky
Freiband: {flying}
Freiband: Leise
Freiband: Stainless Steel
Simon James French: Anthem
Fresh Snow: ONE
Freska: Wrong Songs
Keith Freund: Constant Comments
Friction: FabricLive 70
Reinhold Friedl: Xenakis [a]live!
Heribert Friedl: Trac[k]_t
Friedl/Vorfeld: Pech
Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit: Secret Rhythms 2
Fridge: The Sun
Jefferson Friedman: Quartets
Friendly Fires: Late Night Tales
Robert Fripp: At the End of Time: Churchscapes, Live in England & Estonia
Bill Frisell: Richter 858
Bill Frisell: When You Wish Upon A Star
William Ryan Fritch: Behind The Pale
William Ryan Fritch: Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters In A New World
William Ryan Fritch: Emptied Animal
William Ryan Fritch: Empty EP
William Ryan Fritch: Ill Tides
William Ryan Fritch: Kaleidoscope
William Ryan Fritch: Leave Me Like You Found Me
William Ryan Fritch: New Words For Old Wounds
William Ryan Fritch: Old Believers (Extended Edition) / Sum of its Parts
William Ryan Fritch: Revisionist
William Ryan Fritch: The Waiting Room
Daniel Fritschi: Intonation
Frivolous: Kevork Motion EP
Frivolous: Meteorology
Frivolous: Midnight Black Indulgence
Frivolous: XXX EP
From the Mouth of the Sun: Hymn Binding
From The Mouth Of The Sun: Into The Well
From the Mouth of the Sun: Woven Tide
Frore & Shane Morris: Eclipse
Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason: Sólaris
Laurine Frost: Ghosts EP
frostlake: White Moon, Black Moon
Fryadius: Musical EXPO.
Fryadlus: Pocket Fantasy
Rick Frystak: Blue Light Vista
Fry Street Quartet: The Crossroads Project
Fuck-Off Machete: If Gold Was Silver and Silver Was Gold
Fuckpony: Children of Love
Yuichiro Fujimoto: Kinoe
Yuichiro Fujimoto: Komorebi
Yuichiro Fujimoto: The Mountain Record
Yuichiro Fujimoto: Speaks Melodies
Masayoshi Fujita: Stories
Tomas Fujiwara: Triple Double
Koutaro Fukui: Gently Touching the Conception
Full Swing: Edits
Corey Fuller: Seas Between
Full Intention: Icon / Madness EP
Christoph Funabashi: John Zorn: The Book of Heads
Funckarma: Bion Glent
Funckarma: Dubstoned EP
Funckarma: Dubstoned EP 3
Funckarma: Psar Dymog
Funckarma: Refurbished Two
Funckarma: Vell Vagranz
Roel Funcken: Vade
Sascha Funke: Bravo
Sascha Funke: Mango
Funkstörung: Appendix
Function: Incubation
The Fun Years: God Was Like, No
The Fun Years: Life-Sized Psychoses
The Fun Years & .cut featuring Gibet: Split Series Vol. 2
Fur Coat: Mind Over Matter
Furniture: Twilight Chases the Sun
Further Details: Old Bones
Fusiphorm: You Am I
Fusiphorm: YourSpace EP
Reiko Füting: names, erased
Future 3: With And Without
Future Ghost: Come Home
Future Museums: Rosewater Ceremony
Buckminster Fuzeboard: Funny Noises
FZV: Precedent