Narcotic Syntax: Reptile Sweat Accelerator

While some artists reduce their tracks to microhouse skeletons, James Dean Brown and yapacc add multitudes of exotica to their Narcotic Syntax EPs. Their premiere 'macrohouse' outing, Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness, coupled burbling bass lines and shiny hi-hats with surreal accounts from lady Winter on one side and Japanese recitations on the other. Not to be outdone, Reptile Sweat Accelerator finds the Narcotic duo overhauling the enchantingly bizarre retro-lounge track “Komodo Dragons” by 'glamorous easy listening' outfit Misty Roses (DJ/programmer Jonny Perl and one-time Morricone Youth chanteuse Robert Conroy). In their percolating “narcotic boost” treatment, Brown and yappac retain the plaintive vocal (as well as the ghoulishly quivering chant that opens the song) but exchange the original's hypnotic bossa nova for burbling dance grooves plus a jazz-funk keyboard duel between Max Loderbauer and yapacc. With James Dean Brown's laid-back paean to the world's wave conquerors recited over a rich 'surf house' brew of seductive bass lines and rollicking funk beats, the flip's ten-minute “Cowabunga!” is the perfect complement to Winter's smooth rap on Calculated's “Electric Liquid.” No microsound here: the tracks on Reptile Sweat Accelerator are as imposing and unusual as any 3-meter Indonesian lizard.

April 2005