David Newlyn: Didn't Know Where I Was
October Man

The four melodic electronic settings comprising Didn't Know Where I Was EP clearly reveal David Newlyn's talent for composing melodies, typically piano-based, that are as pretty as they are ponderous. The intro “Blank” presents a pretty interweave of melancholy melodies over a crackling loop while beats dance lightly amidst vibrant synth streams and simple piano themes in “Sector.” “Lighthouse” is equally bubbly but the mood again turns reflective in the heavily textured closer “Filter,” its 12-minute length allowing it room to move through multiple episodes including an evocative middle section of chimes and whirring noises. As it draws to a close, musical elements gradually recede, leaving behind tiny streams of echoing noises that eventually vanish too. Released on October Man Recordings, a small DIY label based in Durham, UK, the EP's ridiculously small run (25 copies) belies the quality of its contents.

September 2006