Noise Tank (lovesyou): Glee, Ad Nauseam, And How It All Works Out
Focus Media

Judging by Glee, Ad Nauseam, and How It All Works Out, Noise Tank (lovesyou) sounds like a perfect companion to the Mobius Band's equally strong EP City VS Country. Both discs explode with exuberant energy and hook-laden pop songs that are over too soon. A loose Detroit collective of indie musicians overseen by 'Doc,' Noise Tank (lovesyou) specializes in rambunctious 'spaz-pop.' The group's four tracks race past in a mere eighteen minutes, with carnivalesque romps the disc's bookends. In the punchy opener “Wreakless For A Wasted Youth,” Thea Benedict's affecting vocal adorns a stately backing of whirring synths, guitar fuzz, and drum clatter, while “Rabbits Dead, Easter Day” bursts from the gate with a memorable vocal hook before exiting in a roaring coda. In between, there's another vocal outing “Shortys Running Numbers (forthemob)” that's boosted by insistent guitar figures and tinkling melodies, and a synth-pop instrumental “Find Solace In The Gentle Arms Of Love” that's slightly less frenetic though equally strong melodically. One wonders if such intensity and quality can be extended to album length; for now, this does just fine as an impressive teaser.

May 2005