Pete Nouveau: When Sounds Collide

When Sounds Collide serves up thirty-six-minutes of club-ready minimal house on the five-track debut EP (three originals plus remixes by Moog Conspiracy and Georg Breger) by Australian DJ and producer Pete Nouveau. Introduced to dance music at thirteen and captivated by Sydney's dance scene, he gradually mastered the art of mixing and, after schooling himself in the various genres of underground house music, began writing and producing his own tracks in 2004.

The EP begins with Nouveau's aptly-titled “Minus,” stripped-to-the-bone minimal techno with the emphasis on a thrusting bass rhythm and a repeating clanking motif. Moog Conspiracy sprinkles its remix with ascending and descending synth treatments that enhance the original's appeal without taking anything away from its grooving core. With its infectiously snappy pulse, drop-outs, and trippy club vibe, the second original “Nouvacaine” improves upon the opener, a trend Breger continues with a roof-raising remix that's powered by a heavier bottom end and sweeping flourishes. “Hang the Canary” rounds the EP out strongly with a feverish attack, rolling bass line, and jittery melodic treatments.

April 2009