One Token Left: Before We Met

Recording under the One Token Left guise for Sushitech, Jean Patrice (aka Pheek) issues four samplings of tripped-out techno on Before We Met. Owl-like hoots and freaky noises murmur and skitter as a locomotive chug works itself up to an infectious jacking broil in the almost ten-minute “Before We Met.” Sounding at times like Tuvan singers parading in lockstep, the minimalistic “Back at Square One” struts in a squelchier style while a bubbly shuffle strolls through the appropriately percolating “Coffee Shop.” Still, while all of the One Token Left tracks make a strong impression, the strongest outing—due perhaps to its exuberance and propulsion—is the remix from Oliver Hacke. Drenched in wide-screen atmosphere and propelled by snare lashes and chiming, slow-motion melodies, his breezy “After We Met” remix soars marvelously.

December 2005