Yui Onodera: Entropy

Yui Onodera's first solo work, Entropy, first appeared on the Tokyo-based producer's own Critical Path label in 2005 but quickly sold out, making it thereafter a much sought-after item. We can therefore thank Hideho Takemasa for making it one of the first releases on his newly-created Trumn imprint. Onodera generated the album's ten micro-ambient settings (all untitled) between 2004 and 2005 using field recordings, electronics, and electric guitar as sound sources that subsequently were subjected to computer processing. The resultant electroacoustic pieces are soothing and serene and very much reminiscent of releases by 12k and Line. The opening track is dominated by blurry cloud-like fields of electric guitar, while others feature soft whistling drones, shimmering organ-like pools, wavering wind tones, and clusters of tiny percussive rattles and speckled noises. Entropy also will appeal to fans of Celer's work (apparently, during the past couple of years, Onodera has been collaborating respectively with Celer, The Beautiful Schizophonic, and Exit in Gray, no results of which have yet been made public). Mention must be made of the presentation of the release. Designed by Ricks Ang and April Lee (aka aspidistrafly), Entropy comes in a large-format, tri-fold sleeve graced by landscape photos taken in South Africa by Erica Lai. The distinctive packaging is a fitting visual complement to the equally distinctive musical content.

June 2009