Ben Parris: Double Wimpfighter

Baltimore resident Ben Parris's 12-inch Double Wimpfighter pairs a deuce of tracks by Parris with a remix by Magda. Nine-minutes of minimal techno bliss, “Loose Impediments” lays out a shimmying tech-house base with shakers, whirrs, warbles, and smears darting through its shadows. Just when it seems ready to leisurely settle in, the piece abruptly slows long enough for an aquatic chord sequence to inaugurate an even more insistent second half of percussive tocks and voice slurs. On the B side, “Glotsback” coyly drapes voice snippets and hints of melody over a lightly bumping pulse in a style that recalls Miskate, before Magda's twitching remix powers the skeletal house groove with snare thwacks and funky bass plucks. Where to find Parris's material? At the intersection of Perlon Boulevard and Microcosm Avenue.

November 2005