Palma: Leap EP

Canadian and Norwegian duo Chrisjar and DJ Roar describe their house-progressive-elektro Palma sound as 'arktik,' so it hardly surprises that their music emanates a cool, vibrant sheen. On this representative two-track sampler of the Arktikism sound, locomotive kickdrums keep up a pulsating chug throughout both “Leap” and “My Old Bass.” The former gloriously drapes irradiated string washes over driving bass lines as clusters of electro snowflakes slowly fall from the sky while the equally satisfying if slightly more ponderous “My Old Bass” merges dark bass synths with spiraling electro chimes, conjuring memories of night-time cruises through deserted cityscapes. Exuding a slick polish that recalls Ai Records' similarly refined sound, Palma's groove-based and synth-heavy material is definitely geared for the club yet it's both lustrous and chilled enough to offer ample listening pleasure too.

December 2005