Paolo Mojo: Renaissance Digital 01

Inaugurating Renaissance's i-tunes-exclusive album series with a sleek eighty-minute Digital 001 mix, celebrated DJ Paolo Mojo jumpstarts the set with his own rousing “Paris” and rarely lets the driving groove rest thereafter. If anything, the mix grows increasingly hypnotic the farther one travels, from Sebo K's swinging “Horizons” and Joris Voorn's pumping “Rejected” to Motorcitysoul's dazzling version of Fuckaponydelic's “Switch The Lights” and Repeat Repeat's remix of Let's Go Outside's delicious “I'll Lick Your Spine” (the female singer's promises—“I'll pull your hair / I'll lick your spine / I'll put my hands everywhere / I'll make you mine”—are especially alluring when drawled in a seductive monotone). The mix subsequently moves into a deep electro-house episode via the blinding neon squelch of Cirez D's “Horizons” before heading home with a stoked mash-up of Blue Foundation's “Sweep” and Loco Dice's “Seeing Through Shadows,” a surging Paolo Mojo-Jim Rivers collab (“ Dark Place ”), and a string-heavy return to “ Paris ” for the closer.

October 2007