Terrence Parker: Finally (Baby Be Mine)
Planet E

Terrence Parker's “Finally (Baby Be Mine)” has the rare distinction of being one of those instant classics that immediately grabs the listener and makes other songs sound mediocre by comparison. A joyous, deep house-flavoured cut, the original is joined by two strong workouts, the first an extended instrumental edit by Planet E boss Carl Craig (under his C2 alias) and the second a makeover by Louie Vega (of Masters At Work renown). With 100-plus recordings and remixes listed in his discography, the Detroit-based Parker certainly knows his way around a tune, and that's never more clear than in the present instance.

Parker's irresistibly catchy original oozes exuberance from the first moment; in fact, no more than two seconds pass before Reno Ka's gloriously sultry vocal makes its entrance. Her contribution to the track makes it all the more intoxicating, especially during those moments when her “‘Cos I want you” soars across a backdrop of shimmering strings, synth stabs, uplifting piano chords, and funky bass pulses. By stripping away Ka's voice, Craig brings into sharp relief the beauty of the non-vocal elements. It's not a wholly instrumental treatment, however, as Ka's vocal is brought in at the five-minute mark, long after the listener's had a chance to develop an appreciation for the tune in its non-vocal form. Vega recasts the original as a ten-minute body-mover of unflagging energy. More club-focused, the treatment keeps Ka's vocal solidly in place but refashions the backdrop by replacing the piano chords with a chugging, synth-powered groove. But make no mistake: while the guests' versions are credible additions to the twenty-three-minute EP, it's Parker's sun-dappled original that's undeniably the top draw.

October 2013