Phon.o vs Litwinenko: Detroit Underground Vol. 7 Big Beaver Rd. EP
Detroit Underground

Detroit Underground's split seventh volume is definitely the shit with shitkatapulter Phon.o (Carsten Aermes) getting the A side and Kitty Yo artist Litwinenko (aka Preed) the B. Both sides are jaw-droppingly good: Phon.o's “Pimpin' TinTin” elevates delicious crunk-funk with a slithering booty rap by Detroit MC TinTin, and “Booty Lickin'” slices filthy lyrics into near-incoherence over slinky beats and smeary synth sputter. Flip the disc to hear Berliner Litwinenko slather the bleepy “The 6 Strikes Back” with dirty break-beats and “Hit Me” with a sadomasochistic snarl and clanking industrial beats. An added treat: samplings of each side's locked grooves.

January 2007