Stefano Pilia: Last Days vol. II

Bologna resident Stefano Pilia, an electroacoustic composer and founding member of avant-rock outfit 3/4HadBeenEliminated, focuses on the sculptural dimensions of his guitarist-generated material on Last Days vol. II, part two in a projected three-volume series. Recorded in New York in March 2009, the six-minute single doesn't last long, though long enough for one to get a clear sense of Pilia's patient and measured approach. The lonely drift of “Midnight” moves at a glacial pace, as limpid lines gently swoop amidst a cloud of amplifier buzz, while “Endnight” oozes a similar slow burn in its mournful display. The Cesena, Italy-based label Presto!? spares no expense in the presentation of Pilia's material, with the tracks presented in an attractive seven-inch format and encased in an equally attractive sleeve.

January 2010