Carola Pisaturo: Garbo Talks!
Claque Musique

Carola Pisaturo is one busy impresario: a DJ since 1997 and a sound engineering graduate in 2002, the Naples, Italy native currently operates the minimal techno imprints Titbit, Claque Musique, and the related Claque Net. And, oh yes, she's also a producer, as Claque Musique's maiden vinyl outing Garbo Talks! attests.

Opener “Et Voila'” sweetens the snap'n'crackle of a roving minimal funk groove with a colourful mix of aural stimuli: sexy voice edits, vocodered barks, mini-percussive flourishes, and subtle injections of electro-acid flavour. “Greta,” the more downtempo and chilled cut of the two originals, floats along on a soothing, subtly swinging house pulse, augmented by the delicate shimmer of synth figures.

The two tracks also receive remix treatments by Argentineans Jorge Savoretti and Franco Cinelli. Tackling “Et Voila',” Savoretti first draws forth its bleepy, off-kilter character, then parades it through a percussive jungle of animal clacks and calls before bringing it back to a straight-up jack. Cinelli radically remodels “Greta” into a Minus-styled exercise in creepy, dubbed-out minimalism that's even more subdued than the original.

The Garbo connection remains tangential at best but that hardly matters; Garbo Talks! is a solid quartet of cuts, no matter the inspiration.

April 2007