Policy: The Disconekt EP

The promo blurb accompanying The Disconekt EP pitches the vinyl outing as one that functions equally well as a home listening record and DJ club selection. That turns out to be a pretty accurate statement, given how well the NYC-based producer Policy (real name Francis Hsueh) balances the two tendencies in all three of its tracks. There are grooves, for sure, but also a painterly attention to detail and sound design.

The A-side's “We Are Connected” derives its muscle from a thudding bass-and-kick drum combination and swinging house pulse, but there's also a rich array of synthesizer patterns and hand percussion to keep the ear tickled. Fold in spidery guitar phrases, claps, and hushed vocal accents and what comes out the other side is an uplifting funk-house dynamo guaranteed to keep both mind and body engaged. Flip it over and “Moleskine” takes charge with a heavy, lumbering groove and an intricate blend of interwoven synth melodies and percussive detail. Rounding out the EP, “His Meaningful Breath” perpetuates the frothy vibe of the other cuts while digging more fervently into a kinetic pulse and wiry synth-work.

There are moments on The Disconekt EP that call to mind Terrence Dixon in the way Hsueh's innovative productions address the mental and physical dimensions in equally compelling ways. And, though it hardly needs be said, any time a producer's work is spoken of in the same breath as Dixon's is a strong compliment indeed.

February 2016