Robin Porter & Mike Carr: Fathernature 2006 Remixes

Tasty techno minimalism from Immigrant Records comes in the form of four slick makeovers of Robin Porter and Mike Carr's classy “Fathernature.” Todd Bodine's squiggly acid-house jack gets things grooving with a sweet bit of smoothly cruising business. Lifting the track off of the freeway and into the stratosphere, Alland Byallo's remix sails through deep space, exploding rattling snares into asteroid showers along the way. Stripping the tune to a shadowy skeleton, Barem scours the ocean floors with his deep bass treatment and lashing snare skips before Mariel Ito's funky electro mix drops. Departing dramatically from the other versions, Eric Estornel assembles his steely scaffolding thick and fast while vocodered androids drool over a percolating Kraftwerk-styled pulse.

November 2006