Steve Porter: Porterhouse

Steve Porter's premiere DJ mix compilation and sequel to last year's Homegrown debut artist album melds twenty-six cuts (chosen from over 300 tracks and featuring nine Porter originals) into a furiously pumping, high-velocity set of house, soul-jazz, techno, and electro that rolls on for a breathless seventy-two minutes. Weaving bass-driven funk-house (Porter's “Hulkinator”), euphoric stormers (Island 9's “Request Line”), trance techno (Matt Rowan's “Keep Sake”), electro-funk (Bon Johnson's mix of Unknown's “Blowing Up My Phone”), and jubilant electro (Jonathan Hart's “Chandelier Skies,” Aaryn Blain's “Whip-in It”) into a rousing stomp, Porter stakes his claim to progressive house's upper echelon. Subtle? Not really. Left-field? Hardly. Powerful? Definitely. Nice to report, too, that steaming heavy-hitters by Porter himself (“Funk Theory,” “Junk in the Trunk,” “Dream Machine”) are among the disc's standouts.

March 2006