Mark Pritchard and Om'mas Keith: Wind it Up

The latest bomb from Hyperdub central comes from electronic producer Mark Pritchard and Om'mas Keith of Sa-Ra Creative partners. It's a single in the truest sense with the “Wind it Up” original joined by a “Freak Mix” and “Instrumental Mix” of the track. The head-spinning cut packs mucho madness into four minutes: an off-kilter, slow-motion mix of bleepy hip-hop, funk, and dubstep, all of it overlaid by Om'mas's ridiculous vocal lines (“Do-do-do-do the freak / Wind-wind it up”)—no surprise the track's been getting a huge club reception. The “Freak Mix” alters the mood slightly by introducing a slightly menacing synth overlay of vaguely Kraftwerkian design, while the “Instrumental Mix” brings the track's dubbier side into sharper relief, not to mention its see-sawing synth melody and burbling bass line. “Wind it Up” is not only serious fun but another example of Hyperdub relentlessly pushing forward.

August 2009