Quiroga: Really Swing Vol. 4
Really Swing

Walter Del Vecchio, the creative force behind the Quiroga series and its self-described “free-thinking adult entertainment” sound, returns for another fabulous vinyl outing, this one featuring eight sexy and soulful jams emblazoned with creamy synths, electric pianos, and crackly voice samples and powered by luscious, bass-heavy funk rhythms. From the irresistible bass science and wah-wah guitar funk of “Ambootia” to the crisp, late-night sensuality of “Spasmo,” the recording consistently gets off on the good foot, and the B side pushes the Quiroga sound in a slightly different direction when unnamed MCs trade rhymes on “Let Your Body Swing,” a sweet meeting-ground between hip-hop and head-nod. A note of text on the record's cover reads: “We do it for the people of our nature.” Count me in.

Incidentally, the fourth volume in the Really Swing series is apparently dedicated to the work of Georges Gurdjieff and the Theory of Enneagram—an odd detail perhaps, given that Gurdjieff is known for being a spiritual leader and that the theory relates to a system of personality typing, but we'll take Quiroga's word for it. Regardless, no one should feel pressured to run off and bone up on the life and work of Gurdjieff and sundry related esoterica. Simply lay back and let the cool breeze of Quiroga's funky sound wash over you.

May 2012