Quiroga: Really Swing Vol. 6
Really Swing

Heavy on samples and pitch-shifted vocals, Really Swing Vol. 6 is the latest ten-inch chapter in Walter Del Vecchio's dizzying brand of Quiroga-styled future-funk. Every six months or so, another installment appears to mesmerize us with another collection of head-spinning soul. Overflowing with detail, the six cuts spin vocal snippets, loping hip-hop grooves, footwork snares, and analog synth smears into dazzling set-pieces that come and go in a too-fast nineteen minutes.

At EP's start, “Shakedown 1973” dishes out a hot-wired blaze powered by a female singer's hypnotic chopped vocal and an acid-washed pulse—before switching it up in the final lap with some Spanish guitar and a trip south of the border. “Symphatetic” changes things up by augmenting its soulful stutter-funk with rock guitar and a roaring, Chipmunk-styled lead vocal, while “Kisses” does much the same in sprinkling its late-night head-nod with Fender Rhodes touches and vocal loops of the title. In addition, “Wip,” smothered in layers of blinding synths, swaggers with a lowdown bounce, and “Walkscapes” presents a strutting salvo of radiant synth-funk. Like Del Vecchio's other Really Swing releases, volume six vanishes quickly, leaving the listener hungry for the next installment.

January 2014