rANdOMoiDz / NoseTek: There's No Techno Like NoseTek, No?
Lewd Recordings

Lewd Recordings' second release serves up four tracks of madcap tomfoolery from beatmongering delinquents rANdOMoiDz (Rory Lemon) and NoseTek (Lemon joined by Lewd co-founder WattKnot aka Hakon Smith). In rANdOMoiDz's “Hurry Cane Brain,” belches of machine squelch careen and collide as the track desperately tries to find its footing; hammering kick drum and grinding acid patterns eventually lock into position, sending the track on its steamrolling way for eight roiling stutterfunk minutes. “Plural Beatings” begins sedately with gentle electric piano playing before the storm hits, in this case a piledrive of funk beat crunch. This second rANdOMoiDz cut is a little bit less fractured than the first, even if an acid cyclone does eventually appear in an attempt to tear the track apart in a turbulent frenzy. NoseTek's “Turbojacker” is a slammer from start to finish, all funky tribal breakbeats, congas, and overdriven synth fire, while the rude “Gums N' Noses” is as viral and relentless a floorthumper as its sibling. A cheeky mashup of Kid606 and Squarepusher might result in something similar to the twenty-four minutes captured on There's No Techno Like Nosetek, No? It's all good fun but serious in its own demented way too.

October 2010