The Result: Niagara EP

A double-shot EP by co-producers Benjamin Fehr (Catenaccio head) and Falko Brocksieper (Sub Static, Resopal, Treibstoff, Tuning Spork) under the name The Result. The pair set out to create a laid-back and open-ended vibe in their “abstract techno,” for want of a better description, with “Niagara” and “Give Up” the first fruits of their labours. The A-side's “Niagara,” a twelve-minute bass crawler, opens in a stripped-down style that wouldn't sound out of place on Minus, but then swells with the accretion of a backbeat hi-hat pulse and smatterings of writhing and tearing noises. The rock-solid two-note bass pulse never wavers until a breakdown occurs two-thirds of the way through, before the kick drum re-ignites the track a half-minute later and the bass throb and 4/4 groove likewise re-turn. In its opening minutes, “Give Up” combines a skeletal pulse with rippling noises, voice fragments, and percussive rattling in a manner reminiscent of foundsound and microcosm, but the sound mass then grows denser, severing its ties to that style and recasting it as something heavier, funkier, and trippier. Spacey whirrs ascend and plummet while a robotic “give up” chirps repeatedly and a subterranean bass line growls as the track wends its way to its demented close.

August 2009