Rusuden: Fe IX/X 171 A
Soho Six

The cryptic title of Justin Morgan's latest Rusuden 12-inch refers to, ahem, “the international SOHO program's extreme ultraviolet light wavelength measurement of the Sun at 171 Angstroms.” How this translates into the disc's seven tracks is neither immediately clear nor, I'm guessing, is it terribly important. There is a clear connection, however, between the section of the visible spectrum associated with the wavelength measurement and the release's glorious blue vinyl pressing.

The tracks themselves constitute an impressive septet of aggressively chugging, space-age electro-IDM that Morgan occasionally sprays with acid. “Snogon” sets the bar high immediately with its sweet streamlined futurama while cuts like “Zanika” and “Yadokirin” chug with a rambunctious backbeat rumble. “Yametarans” and “Stegon” exude a dystopic, Metropolis-like gleam and electro-stabbing chatter, respectively. High quality from start to finish.

August 2007