Sebrok: Pyrolator EP
Paso Music

Abetted by studio partner Dave Shokh, Sebrok, co-founder of Paso Music, holder of residencies at Regensburg club Suite 15 and Tresor Berlin, and MTV editor, sets his sights on the dance floor with three crisp club cuts. “Pyrolator” comes knock, knock, knockin' at your door with all manner of percussive splendour. In addition to relentless high-pitched hammering, Sebrok slathers a clattering croak over the burbling bass throb and hard-steppin' rhythm, but be sure to take cover when a low-flying synth plane strafes the tune's conga-kissed pulse. “Boob Tube” casts a potent spell with a goosestepping attack and whiplash mix of clockwork melodies, bleeding bass synths, and ricocheting percussive rolls. The well-groomed “Almost Famous” shifts the focus to an even-tempered grinder with a slightly stronger melodic focus. On this EP at least, it's Sebrok's instrumental colouration that lends his material its distinctive style.

April 2008