Sidechain: Dubglith

On the half-hour EP DubGlitch, Southend, Essex resident Mark Soye (aka Sidechain) intersperses three texture-heavy interludes between four fully-developed cuts. Following up on his appearance on the recent Rednetic One Point One compilation, Soye weds the obsessive micro-detailing of Autechrean electronics with multi-hued beat acrobatics and serpentine bass lines. Garbled voices chatter and synth organisms squiggle throughout “Violet Scratches” but more ear-catching is the see-sawing dubstep lope Soye dissects throughout. The title track impresses as a memorable foray into low-riding glitch-funk with a slithering bass line carving a path through a writhing, glitch-infested terrain while the mercurial mix of dubstep wobble, drum'n'bass snarl, and funk slam that courses through “Insect” showcases Soye's skilled integration of multiple beat styles within a single piece. Certainly a more than credible debut outing.

May 2008