The Sight Below: No Place For Us

One of Ghostly's newest signings, The Sight Below toils within an hypnotic ambient-dub realm built from multi-layered loops of gauzy electric guitars and minimal drum patterns. The immersive tracks comprising the No Place For Us EP certainly hint at strong things to come from the unidentified producer's imminent full-length. It's music that's as much about horizontal flow as it is vertical depth and amplitude, with a track like “With Her Kiss (I'd Pass The Sky)” as ear-catching for its slow-motion, cello-like tones and thumping microhouse pulse as it is for the sonic mass itself which seems to move in and out of focus throughout the track's six-minute running time. Elsewhere, after a Manual-like opening, the title song's reverberant guitar streams blossom and achieve lift-off when a pounding bass drum enters the picture, while the tranquil beatless ambient of “Twice Failed” shows that The Sight Below can do Eno-styled dreamscaping with the best of'em.

October 2008