Sirka Ragnar: I am, you are, he/she/it is
How Is Annie Records

Like A Stuntman fans should run, not walk, to grab their copies of Sirka Ragnar's new EP as the Oslo, Norway-based band's I am, you are, he/she/it is is remarkably kin to the off-kilter, indie-pop sensibility of the Highpoint Lowlife outfit. Having established the ‘indietronika' project Sirka Ragnar in late 2004, Marius Grøtterud Egenes and Kenneth Silseth now present five low-fi samplings of its cacophonous pop. “Keep It Yours” packs a dense howl of horns, organ, and distorted vocals into its three minutes while “Port Now” slows the pace to a head-nod without diminishing the attack. In a perfect world, the buzzing roar of “(In) Here” would be blaring from radios everywhere, especially when sweetened by the bright chirp of Helle Lauritzen's voice. Ultimately, no matter how much Sirka Ragnar dirties its sound with noise and electronics, it can't conceal the pop heart beating at the center of its material.

September 2006