Skoozbot: Next To Monchhichi

Skoozbot's ( Michigan resident Brian Connelly) wonderfully-titled 12-inch Next To Monchhichi six-pack features two originals, remixes by Adam Beyer and Paco Osuna, and two digital downloads. Skoozbot traffics in a classic brand of clean techno minimalism that'll warm the hearts of Plus8 aficionados though likely won't win over detractors. The disc's title cut struts into position with a snare-kick drum stomp and rollicking bass line tightly locking things in place. The tune slowly changes character once the snare and hi-hats start bleeding along their edges and a high-pitched percolating pattern emerges from the shadows for a roller-coaster ride. Beyer ups the song's pulsating ante by intensifying its bass throb and draws out its skankier side by boosting its aggressively funky swing, while Paco Osuna, in a grooving throwdown, sprinkles voice micro-edits over the now even more hyperactive percussive burble. In addition, rapidly skipping beats and a bottom-feeding bass line propel the minimal electro-burn of “A Fistful Of Duckets,” while the download exclusives (“Lemma Three,” “Lost”) offer rumbling, mid-tempo struts that go down as easily as the others.

August 2007