Ralph Sliwinski: Pox Box

“Pox Box” is an absolutely superb house stormer from Ralph Sliwinski of Below Rec., Hartchef Discos, Frisbee Tracks, Plastic City, and Morris Audio fame. After opening with a skeletal panting groove, the tune gathers steam, collapses in a brief discombobulation, and then, battered by ricocheting shards, morphs into a deeply blazing house cut that's more funk than techno. The tune oozes a beautifully sexy vibe and the buckshot dance feel and low-riding bass line that power its second half are a joy to behold. On the flip, Johnny D (Oslo , 8bit) radically overhauls “Pox Box” to such an extent that only faint traces of the original remain. After stripping the tune to its groove core, Johnny D brings the tune's jacking techno persona to the fore and then splatters it with cymbal splashes, hi-hat swing, and rattlesnake flourishes. Not quite as fabulous as the original perhaps but still pretty close. Sliwinski's sleek two-tracker speaks strongly on behalf of Sushitech.

April 2008