Snoretex: Strange Aeons
Buzzin' Fly

Buzzin' Fly's latest twelve-inch comes from the magic fingers of one Sam Willis, whose Snoretex is the solo recording project of a UK musicmaker who otherwise operates as one-half of WALLS (whose debut album last year on Kompakt garnered some justifiable attention). What we've got here is a two-tracker that backs Snoretex's “Strange Aeons” with a clubby overhaul from Boo Williams and Glenn Underground. The original cut is a surprisingly downtempo affair from the Buzzin' Fly stable. Not only that, but it's almost as much woozy IDM as it is club music, what with its pulsating synth pattern and loping beat. Though it receives an injection of energy from the crystalline synth motif that spikes its fuzz-laden groove, the low-key tune is nevertheless one more ideally suited for the after-hours comedown than early evening hell-raising. Chicago underground house figures Williams and Underground don their SJU Muzic (Strictly Jaz Unit) moniker for the—what else?—“SJU Muzic Eternity Mix,” and it's their version that'll play earlier in the night, given its pitter-pattering house bump and generally spacey disposition. A few dollops of acid even seep into the tune's pores in a way that adds a classic techno feel to the otherwise kosmische flow of trippy synthesizer melodies. In both cases, the vibe is generally laid-back but not unappealingly so.

April 2011