Sofalofa: Magic Shopkeeper/Kids

Ai Records and Fabric contributor SofaLofa (Chris Cousin) inaugurates a series of nine 7-inch singles from Bathysphere Recordings in fine style with this short but definitely sweet 2-tracker of melodic electronica. First up, the tenuous thread of a querulous synth motif pops up throughout “Magic Shopkeeper,” holding its playful, dubbed-out romp of tiny flares and bright streams together. The rope-a-dope “Kids” rolls out more forcefully with a slight beat hiccup but still finds room for sparkling glissandi to illuminate its brooding ambiance; Cousin nicely kicks it up a notch during the song's closing moments by allowing the drums to flail spasmodically. Keep an eye out for Mellifluous, SofaLofa's forthcoming debut album, as well as future singles in the series from Chin Chin and Preston.

November 2005