Someone Else: Something Else
foundsound records

Some listeners might know Philadelphian Sean O'Neal by his numerous electro-pop contributions under the Flowchart alias to albums like Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey and Fuzzy Boombox V.2 (in fact, O'Neal's a co-founder of both Fuzzy Box and Tuning Spork, and currently involved with foundsound records too). While he's equally prolific under the Someone Else moniker, the music is of an entirely different character with the 12-inch Something Else offering a representative sampling of the tech-house style issued under that guise. Tailor-made for the club, “Picture Perfect” begins with a click-infested funk base peppered by an incessant barrage of vocal snippets and rippling clatter, though turns progressively more slamming when joined by a deeply writhing bass pulse. Joining it is the equally minimal “Bedroom Eyes,” its title robotically croaked like a mantra while swishing hi-hats, bleeping noises, and voice samples push the track along. The fifteen-minute disc makes good on foundsound's commitment to quirky, dancefloor-friendly minimal techno and microhouse.

May 2005