Someone Else: Pen Caps Remixed

A solid 12-inch follow-up to Someone Else's Pen Caps And Colored Pencils full-length, Pen Caps Remixed's A-side features two quintessential foundsound remixes by Barem and Easy Changes with Losoul getting the ultra-deep second side all to himself. In a surging, Latin-dub-techno “Hooyee Mix” of “Play It Kershaw,” Argentinean Barem slathers a pounding kick drum with squirrelly percussive swing and fragmented voice emissions. Easy Changes tackles the same tune in a “Mozgity Remix” but drastically overhauls it, retaining the hefty bottom end but spritzing it with bouncy backbeat swing, a pummeling bass line, and woozy flourishes. With all due respect to Barem and Easy Changes, Losoul's nine-minute “Got It Bad?” remix of “Pooty Call” is the EP's peak moment. The Playhouse vet kicks his slinky club-house treatment off with a low-slung skank that grows ever more hypnotic and plunges ever deeper with each passing second. Losoul darkens the original and renders it spacey, lurching, burbling, and trippy in the process. The makeover is so complete it seems to swallow the original whole by the time the track nears its end.

February 2008