Someone Else: Radio Jones EP
Plastic Rules

The quirky minimal thump associated with artists like Someone Else, Miskate, and Fusiphorm appears to be in shorter supply these days than it used to be, what with both Microcosm and Goosehound on seeming hiatus (Microcosm's last release was Socks and Sandals' 2007 EP Rishi Saturn, while Goosehound's was Fusiphorm's 2007 EP House Hunting). The trio's foundsound label is still active, however, and thankfully Netherlands imprint Plastic Rules also has decided to throw its hat into the ring. Its Radio Jones outing is a Someone Else four-tracker that finds Philadelphian Sean O'Neal serving up new variations on his signature style with help from two remixers.

Opener “Radio Friendly” is classic Someone Else: a clockwork minimal techno groove built from 4/4 kick drum and hi-hat patterns and sprinkled with congas, orgasmic emissions, and a range of sampledelic madness. Re:Direct (Sasha Carassi and Tony Matt) treats the tune to a deliciously funky overhaul that doesn't lose the original's thump but amplifies it with deep house flavour. “Jones FM” plays down the loonier side of O'Neal's sound for a funky house banger that manages to retain the experimental dimension of the Someone Else style while amping up its accessiblity quotient. In this case, a thrusting bass pulse provides the anchor for a smattering of deep house grunts, after which DJ Dandi & Ugo ( Alessandro Biondi and Gianni Ugolini) give their digital-only version of same a steamy forward thrust that's like an out-of-control locomotive.

September 2009