Sozonov: He & She

He & She presents new material from the Elektrotribe camp courtesy of Russian producer Artem Sozonov. The EP's three cuts, which are in a tight, stripped-down style that draws upon minimal techno and house conventions, are distinguished by the imagination the Tyumen-born and Berlin-based Sozonov brings to the set. “He & She” pushes a pulsating arpeggiator into overdrive as it boldly carves a relentless synthetic path through minimal territory, all the while stoking a tight and steamy groove while undergirding it with a brooding bass theme and splattering it with blinding synth blaze. “Think About Good” adds a house swing to the Sozonov template, with a jacking groove battered by an arsenal of percussive flourishes, stabs, and warped horror film melodies, while the mid-tempo stormer “White Rails” is propeled by a driving bass throb and trippy synth effects that wouldn't sound out of place on Kraftwerk's “Numbers.” Though the EP squarely situates itself within the minimal template, Sozonov invests it with a personal touch that enables it to leave a better-than-average impression.

October 2010