Spied: Time To Breathe
October Man

A music producer since 1993, Andreas Mooslechner (aka Spied ) issues trip-hop, hip-hop, and more from his timbered house in Stuttgart, works with Antonio Trombetta (aka Toneeman), and collaborates with Jürgen Reichert (aka Jokerschock) under the name—what else?—Jokerspied. On the 20-minute EP Time to Breathe, Mooslechner presents five electronic music tracks with a little help from Reichert on guitar, Johannes Hermann on violin, and ‘Marcel' on trumpet.

“Lazy Day” spotlights turntable scratching and illbient jazz of the kind Ben Neill was pushing a few years back (the similarity especially strong given the muted trumpet's presence). “Jazzfazz” gives Reichert a chance to lay some jazz licks while the laid-back, trip-hop flow of “Wednesday” gets a nice boost from Hermann's sweetly singing violin and a strong acoustic bass line. “Breakdust” mixes things up with a slippery stop-start groove and darkly atmospheric strings. Though more a teaser than anything else, Time to Breathe's fusion of jazz-funk and trip-hop actually sounds pretty good, although the release's presumably limited run means not too many may get a chance to hear it.

September 2007