Spinform: Brter Tystnaden
Hobby Industries

That Uppsala-based Erik Møller (aka Spinform and Unai) recorded his Hobby Industries full-length debut in an old deserted manor in the Swedish countryside is evidenced by Brter Tystnaden's rustic electronic folk pieces. The homespun, sometimes decrepit production style in this case enhances the material's intimate feel with Møller assembling an orchestra's worth of acoustic instruments, electronic noises, and field sounds (creaks, droplets) into stately ballads (“Frestelser och Bekymmer,” “Det Fanns En Tid”) and rickety folk-hop instrumentals that would do Múm proud. The lovely opener “Imperiebyggaren” cultivates a hymn-like, lullaby feel with piano, bass, and glockenspiel each voicing the song's gentle themes at center stage, while glimmering melodies whisper and whistle amidst stumbling beats in the harder-edged “Lurliv.” As per the title, “Som En Film” resembles a lost soundtrack to a ‘60s espionage caper, with dramatic horns, guitars, and organ weaving a dense, free-form flow over a spindly funk groove. Graced by a particularly lovely melodica melody, “Framtidsminnen” likewise nurtures a gently rocking feel tailor-made for a Sunday ride through the French countryside. Though Møller's tracks are typically multi-layered constructions, they're never so dense that his melodic gifts can't be heard (“Hjertats Mysterion”).

July 2006