Strategy: Super Vamp

Following superb Strategy albums on kranky, Paul Dickow shifts gears from the freer floating, downtempo dub stylings of Drumsolo's Delight to the classic disco-funk of “Super Vamp.” The change to a more jubilant mix of disco beats, hand claps, and bubbling bass lines at first startles but Dickow still manages to sneak in some dubby treatments. In Nudge's remix, the song's disco core is given a loose-limbed house makeover sweetened by female vocal coos. On the B side, Solenoid's effervescent approach produces an impossibly funky, electro-disco mix deepened by thick synth stabs, while Dickow's “Strategy Dub-a-pella” ambient mix makes for a deep and dreamy coda. All in all, Super Vamp offers a more animated spin on Strategy's sound that's tailor-made for nightclubbing.

February 2005