Gregory Taylor: Voiceband Jilt

I certainly share Gregory Taylor's enthusiasm for Fällt's Invalid Object series (a review of the Christopher Murphy-curated project, 24 15-minute recordings by Akira Rabelais, Ekkehard Ehlers, Stephen Mathieu, Pimmon, and others, appears in textura's archives) which Taylor characterizes as “a turn-of-the-century equivalent [to] Brian Eno's now legendary “Obscure Music” label,” so I fully endorse Taylor's decision to pay respectful 'recombinant' homage to it with his own series of variations. Using the loop-based Cycling '74 radiaL software, Taylor creates an uninterrupted, 47-minute travelogue that weaves subtle quotes from the artists' works into an engrossing amalgam of granular textures, glistening patterns, and insistent pulses. What's most appealing about Voiceband Jilt is that, firstly, Taylor opts for appealing organic flow whereby material patiently segues between episodes (adhering to convention, the trajectory slowly escalates from initial calm to climax before returning to calm in its closing moments); secondly, though the work may draw from the Fällt material, it does so imperceptibly, and consequently an entirely 'new' work of Taylor's own is created.

July 2006