Hannes Teichmann: Jäger Remixes

Hannes Teichmann's 2001 cut “Jäger” made such a lasting impression, it engendered three wholly different makeovers five years later by Sascha Funke, Dave DK, and the composer himself. Funke's laser-focused “Klüengel Remix” plants its strutting pulse firmly in Audion territory; pinprick beats insistently pitter-patter and tighten the tension while the hiccupping melody rises and falls like mugs of ale being thrown back. Dave DK (David Krasemann) brings the android funk to his “Chase Up the Groove Remix,” grounding the tune with a solid stomp and then spraying it with electro buckshot; as it unfolds, a throbbing bass line, spurting synths, and hi-hats add sweet commentary while non-stop showers of stabbing synth flares erupt. More a low-rider by comparison, Teichmann's syncopated electro “Ha.Te Dub Remix” chatters, whirrs, and clanks like machines in heat.

January 2007