Telepaticos: Carpe Sativa
Enclave Recordings

After meeting in 2000, Belgium-based producers Marcos Salon and Sandro Valcke selected the name Telepaticos in reference to their telepathic music-making partnership. The two certainly sound like kindred spirits on this Enclave EP when they effortlessly mix house, soul, funk, Latin, and jazz into four laid-back tracks. The equally slamming and swinging club cut “Carpe Sativa” gets things moving with a bass-heavy buckshot groove the duo injects with deep house flavour and atmospheric sparkle. “I Know” starts off by merging electro and Latin by way of analog synth sputter and congas respectively, and then branches off into soul-jazz territory with Rhodes flourishes spread across its tight, handclapping pulse. Latin and African influences seep into the jazz-inflected funk-house party romp “Club 69” (the bass that moves to the forefront in the mid-song breakdown is especially tasty), and there's little point resisting how deliciously “Karlitos Way” combines simple Rhodes and synth melodies with its bubbly bass lines and joyous groove. Carpe Sativa may not rewrite the rule book but it's still solid club material that goes down smoothly. Turn it up and enjoy.

April 2008