TG: Cave the Speakers
Four:Twenty Recordings

Having been signed to Four:Twenty Recording for only a year, TG (London-based Tim Green) would seem to be a novice but the material on Cave the Speakers is certainly accomplished enough. The ten-minute burner title track opens with a softly chugging pitter-pat and then quickly escalates in intensity when Green follows a quiet two-note melody with a heavier electro-house slam. Green keeps things interesting by slowing the groove, breaking it down, dropping it out, and then kicking it full-force back into gear without ever entirely losing the tune's propulsive thrust. Konrad Black then brings the lights down low but ups the funky ante with claps that give the original an irrepressible swing. Clanging noises collide over a bass-burbling strut in the Wagon Repair man's clubby remix. At EP's end, distorted voice samples and a marching minimal groove initially situate TG's “Willis” firmly within Minus territory, but Green shifts gears abruptly by dropping a punchy funk beat pattern into the thick of things. The cut even briefly flirts with noise at the mid-point before righting itself for the electro-funk ride home.

August 2007