Amon Tobin: Kitchen Sink
Ninja Tune

Amon Tobin's “Kitchen Sink” (from Foley Room, the recent full-length Tobin constructed from found sounds) gets the remix treatment from four notable figures on this sixteen-minute EP: Clark (Warp's Chris Clark), Sixtoo (Ninja Tune's Vaughn Robert Squire), Noisia (Dutch avant-garde trio), and Boxcutter (Plant Mu's Barry Lynn). Clark mutates the track into heavy stutter-funktronica that's sweetened by the kaleidoscopic tinkle of a child's music box, after which Sixtoo's grinding overhaul plunges into the deep end of a grimy acid-hip-hop bath. Noisia tightens the beats' noose and then drags the blindfolded and disoriented victim into a haunted forest. Bringing up the rear, Boxcutter pulls out his switchblade and re-shapes the original into a spacey, bass-heavy dubstepper. If there's one thing that stands out above all else, it's how drastically different the interpretations are from one another.

January 2008