T. Raumschmiere: Random Noize Sessions Vol. 1

Random Noize Sessions Vol. 01 impresses me a whole lot more than some of Marco Haas's previous T.Raumschmiere output. Some listeners will bemoan the mellow vibe of the new release and long for the pile-driving crunch of the monster-truck material on Radio Blackout and Blitzkrieg Pop, among others, but I'll take the cool sophistication of this latest release any day, even if it is comprised of lost 1995-2005 studio and live recordings. The decidedly unclubby Random Noize Sessions Vol. 01 enters Pan Sonic territory in “Wer War Nochma Vermona?” and “Der Eisenwracktraum” while “Radikal Meditation” and “Drosophila Matsch” are as clinical and controlled as anything issuing forth from the Raster-Noton or Line camps. The surprises don't stop there: “In The Ghetto” isn't a booty-bass raver but a Gas-styled orchestral-electronic vignette of two minutes duration, and “Die Alte Leier” is sunlit minimal techno that wouldn't sound out of place blaring out of an amusement park's speakers while children ride the carousel and Ferris wheel. Only once does Haas get his hands dirty (“GrobMotorOmsk (Holz Uber Kopf)”) but, even then, the track's steamrolling chug has more in common with Pan Sonic than Venetian Snares. Somehow I don't expect Haas will stay this well-behaved for long, so don't be too surprised if the next T.Raumschmiere outing is as noisy and ugly as this one is restrained and refined. Enjoy it while it lasts.

January 2007