Ultrakurt: En Short

Ultrakurt's En Short is the latest in an ongoing stream of impressive 12-inch releases from foundsound, with this outing produced by French duo Jean-Guillaume Cabanne (aka Cabanne and one-half of Copacabannark alongside Ark) and David Glück (aka Glück and Spasm) who have played together intermittently since 1990.

Of the EP's three pieces (one a Fusiphorm mix), the infectiously playful “Carnadada” shines brightest. Over the course of its slow-burning nine minutes, Perlonesque percolations skip and burble while a captivating array of syllabic voice snippets chatters over top. Less fragmented voice samples (radio transmissions and commercial announcements) surface amidst incessantly shimmying rhythms and a persistent bass gurgle in “Yves Baustin” while foundsound co-founder Fusiphorm (aka cyhl) gives the song a slithering “Wrong Mix” club workout teeming with percussive clanks and whirrs; a plummeting voice break coolly splits the song in two before initiating the blissfully grooving second half. Fusiphorm's contribution is not only strong in itself but dramatically broadens the EP's contrast.

September 2005