Urban Tribe: Bio Electronics

Bio Electronics compiles four solid electro tracks by Motor City denizen Urban Tribe (Sherard Ingram) who issued the early classic “Covert Action” on Retroactive (newly re-issued on Planet E), collaborated with James Stinson on the Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe a.i. project on Clone in 2002, and was joined by Carl Craig, Anthony Shakir, and Kenny Dixon Jr. for Urban Tribe's The Collapse of Modern Culture on Mo' Wax. The new 12-inch finds Ingram generally eschewing high-velocity propulsion for a spacey electro-dub style in “Diffraction Pattern,” the even funkier “Eukaryotic,” and ponderous “Quantum Encryption.” Bio Electronics opener, “Protein Coat,” a funky fusion of bass-heavy wobble, acid-electro synth work, and distorted voices, is also strong.

June 2007