VA: Future Disco presents Poolside Sounds Vol II

The ever-reliable Needwant label makes a timely return with its latest chapter in the Future Disco series, Poolside Sounds Vol II. Curated, compiled, edited, and mixed (as per usual) by label founder Sean Brosnan, the collection features seventeen fresh tunes by DFRNT, James Welsh, Axel Boman, Romanthony, and Nightplane, among others. In keeping with the title of the series, the music exudes an oft-languorous spirit, making it the perfect soundtrack for lazing by the pool during hazy summer afternoons. Transitions between tracks in the ultra-stylish set are subtly executed, making for a smooth flow from start to finish.

Abetted by a soothing vocal by Caye Slaymaker, Scottish outfit DFRNT establishes the set's relaxed, poolside vibe in the opening “Nobody Stop Me,” a feel that carries on into the second cut, Kiwi's “Mayfly,” which similarly warms a sultry vocal presence (this time Amy Skippings) with snappy rhythms, electric pianos, and luscious synthetic textures.

Not all tracks are laid-back, however, as a goodly share are dancefloor inducements that work up a noticeable sweat. Two of the most enticing are “Take It Off My Mind,” which J.Wiltshire powers with an irresistibly funky groove, and Last Magpie's “Who Knows Where Love Goes,” which percolates just as ravishingly. Infectious too are Softwar's “This Time Around,” which merges trance and deep house (“You've got me feelin' real good / This time around”) for five minutes of dizzying splendour, and “Gates of Dawn,” an entrancing jam from Nightplane that augments swirling vocals with guitar and synth shadings.

During the second half, Germany-based trio Chasing Kurt contributes a memorably soulful and hard-grooving remix of Cleov's “Crush On You,” and PBR Streetgang turns Romanthony's “Bring You Up” into a funky, bass-prodded anthem. The effervescent mix features no shortage of slinky house grooves and pulsating disco basslines; it doesn't lose steam, either, when it enters its final laps, as cuts by Antonio Olivieri (“Tiny Nut”) and Artful & Ridney (“Missing You,” featuring a splendid vocal from Terri Walker) are no comedown from any of the earlier ones.

July 2013