Wolf Cub: Love High EP
Transmission Audio Recordings

Really strong (digital) release from one Wolf Cub, who's previously released on Fat! Records and remixed Maru. The four tracks are slick and artful deep house exercises that impress whether experienced on pure listening grounds or as dancefloor material, and the skills the producer brings to the release are evident at every moment. “Love High” hits hard from the get-go with a pounding kick drum joined by skipping percussion, vocal snippets, and a funky keyboard riff. Some music just won't be denied, and “I'm Gone” is a perfect example. Bolting from the gate with five irresistibly effervescent minutes of creamy deep house music, the classy club jam features a thunderstorm of soulful vocal samples and percussive slam, after which the lights dim ever so slightly for “What You Need,” with the relatively more atmospheric style allowing the tune's bass line to assume a more prominent role. Snapping immediately to attention, “Kerouac” closes the recording with a return to the amped-up style of the opening pair. The EP clearly showcases Wolf Cub's talent for creating deep house music that's very much in the tradition yet nonetheless feels fresh when it's delivered with such high energy and with such a joyous spirit.

February 2013